Network Storage


NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. A Network Attached Storage server is a self-contained, intelligent device that attach directly to your existing LAN. A file system is located and managed on the NAS device and data is transferred to clients over industry standard network protocols such as TCP/IP and IPX, using industry standard file sharing protocols including SMB/CIFS, FTP, HTTP and NFS.

Network Attached Storage effectively separate storage resources from workstations and application servers, thus simplifies storage management and improves the reliability, performance and efficiency of the network.

NAS solutions are ideal for both addressing immediate storage needs and storage consolidation projects. Their high capacity and ease of deployment allow you to implement network-attached storage with little planning.

NAS are becoming popular for Home and Small Business use, because of its ease of deployment and management, and lower entry cost.

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SAN stands for Storage Area Network. A storage area network (SAN) is a specialized network that provides access to high performance and highly available storage subsystems using block storage protocols. The SAN is made up of specific devices, such as host bus adapters (HBAs) in the host servers, switches that help route storage traffic, and disk storage subsystems.

Storage networks are distinguished from other forms of network storage by the low-level access method that they use. Data traffic on these networks is very similar to those used for internal disk drives, like ATA, S-ATA and SCSI.

Unlike direct-attached or network-attached storage, SANs require careful planning before implementation. SANs are primarily used in large scale, high performance environment in medium to large enterprises.

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